Coming back from vacation and having to face traffic, parking stress and the chaos of Rome is not exactly the best, especially after a period of complete relaxation and fun.

To make the return less traumatic and return to the more relaxed daily routine there would be many solutions, such as leaving the car at home to rely on public transport and taxis. However, we know very well that this is not the best solution, especially in a city like Rome. Choose Decus and take on the stress of returning by renting a car with a driver in Rome. Save valuable time and book your car online for all your business transfers or your leisure moments.

Decus offers a professional car rental service with driver in Rome, with modern and elegant cars driven by experienced and professional staff. Booking a car with Decus is simple: just choose the car you want, select the transfer date and send the request. A few minutes to rent your car without stress or long waits.

How many times did you happen to arrive at a last-minute work appointment with the fear of having to postpone everything? And all the commitments you had to move because of a delay or a strike on public transport?

Forget all this, for your transfers to Rome and outside Rome there is Decus. A car fleet that adapts to your needs, both work and personal, a car rental service with exclusive and professional driver, which will take you to your destination without stress and unforeseen circumstances.

Save precious time: choose the Decus Car Rental with Driver service in Rome

Softly face the return from vacation and forget the stress of traffic in the chaos of Rome.
When you come back from vacation you always have lots of things to do and time is always too little. With Decus you can save precious time and you will have at your disposal the car that best fits your schedule. When you are on board of our cars you can enjoy the view while you relax, make a phone call or check emails from your tablet.

Renting a car with driver in Rome means having a privileged service

With a modern car fleet and a team of drivers ready to accompany you in the traffic of the city. If you want to be guaranteed to arrive on time for your appointments, renting a car with driver is the best choice.

Here are the Decus rates for all your transfers in Rome:

  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Sedan: € 30 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Station Wagon: € 35 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 7: € 40 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 8+1: € 45 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 7 Luxury: 50 € / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Luxury Sedan: 45 € / hour

Request your car online and discover all the advantages of renting a car with driver in Rome. With Decus you can have a car for your work transfers, your family trips or simply for a day of relaxation or shopping in your favorite outlet.

Coming back from stress-free holidays, Decus will take care of the rest!

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