Business transfer or leisure trip? Choose Decus and rent a car with driver in Rome


Business transfer or leisure trip? Choose Decus and rent a car with driver in Rome

Business transfer or leisure trip? Choose Decus and rent a car with driver in Rome 1200 800 Decus Italia

If you travel often for work or don’t like taking the car in your spare time, the Decus service is the one for you. Rent a car with driver in Rome and choose whether to travel aboard a Sports Station Wagon or a comfortable and spacious Minivan. The Decus car fleet has the solution for any need.

Book your transfer online, fill out the request form entering the date, the type of car and your destination, you will be contacted immediately to confirm your reservation.
An exclusive service, which allows you to travel in elegant and modern cars, equipped with all comforts. Our team of professional drivers will be at your complete service, they will pick you up at home and take you to your destination on time.

Rent a car with driver for your business transfers or your moments of leisure, in a big city like Rome the unexpected are always around the corner. Vehicle strikes, train delays, not to mention the difficulty in finding a free taxi. And when these mistakes occur, 80% of the time it happens just when you have important commitments.
Do not risk having to postpone your work meetings, no longer move your organized trips with so much effort because of a trivial mistake.

Decus car fleet, luxury cars for an exclusive service

For all your business transfers or leisure trips, choose Decus and you will have the guarantee of an exclusive and professional service.
Save valuable time, renting a car with driver in Rome means enjoying a privileged service, with a modern car fleet and a team of drivers ready to accompany you wherever you want.

With Decus you can travel comfortably and relaxed, on board the latest generation cars, without having to think about traffic or parking. You can dedicate yourself to your favorite activities, send emails, make phone calls, manage your work or your commitments, with the guarantee of arriving on time at your destination.
If you want to get to your business appointments in time, renting a car with driver is the best choice. Here are the Decus rates for all your transfers in Rome:

  • Transfers in Rome with Sedan: from 1 to 3 passengers, cost € 30
  • Transfers in Rome with Minivan: from 4 to 6 passengers, cost € 40
  • Transfers in Rome with Minivan 8: from 7 to 8 passengers, cost € 45
  • Transfers in Rome with Bentley S-Sedan: cost € 40

Request your car on our site and book your transfer with a click, discover all the advantages of renting a car with driver in Rome.
With Decus you can have a car available for your work transfers, your trips or your relaxing days.

Enjoy the journey, Decus will take care of the rest!