Rainbow Magicland is the most popular amusement park in Rome, ideal for spending a carefree day with family or friends.
Reaching Magicland however is not always so easy, being in an area of ​​Rome a little out of the way and not connected by public transport. The available shuttles have fixed times that do not match our needs, thus risking to ruin our fun day.

Decus allows you to rent a car with driver for your Rome / Magicland transfer. In this way you can enjoy your relaxing day without any thought. No discussion about who will take the car, zero stress for traffic or parking. At the end of the day, when you are tired and you won’t see the time to go home, you won’t have to drive because there will be someone to take you home.

Rent your car with driver online, Decus also has the solution for large groups. In fact, with our Minivans you can reach the Magicland amusement park even in groups of 7/8 people, thus dividing your travel expenses. Our drivers will pick you up at your home on time, so you won’t have to waste time searching for shuttles or buses. Make yourself comfortable and get on board comfortable and elegant cars, we’ll take care of the rest.

Transfer Rome/Magicland with friends or family? Decus has the solution for everyone

From the sporty and compact station wagon to the 9-seat Minivan, Decus has the solution for every need. Spend your special day at Magicland without having to think about traffic and parking, and enjoy the fun to the full.
Travel in complete safety on our cars, which are regularly subjected to revisions and strict controls to guarantee a safe and relaxing transfer.

Book your car with driver online, choose the date and number of passengers, select the type of car you prefer:

  • Rental with driver Extraurban Tariff (Sedan): 35 € / hour
  • Rental with driver Extra-urban Tariff (Station Wagon): 40 € / hour
  • Rental with driver Extra-urban Tariff (Minivan 7 seats): 45 € / hour
  • Rental with driver Extra-urban Tariff (Minivan 8 + 1): 50 € / hour
  • Rental with driver Extra-urban Tariff (Luxury 7-seater Minivan): € 55 / hour
  • Rental with driver Extraurban Tariff (Luxury Sedan): 50 € / hour

With Decus you can save precious time and dedicate it to your free time. Rent a car with driver and forget the inconvenience of the shuttles or buses, which force you to schedule the day at their times. Don’t let any unforeseen problems with your car ruin your fun day with the people you love.

Renting a car with Decus is very simple: connected to the “Request” section of the site, fill in the form with your data and in a few minutes you can book your car.
Choose Decus for your moments of relaxation or your work transfers, inside and outside Rome. Enjoy the fun at Magicland, Decus takes care of the traffic!

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