Do you have an important commitment and are you afraid of being late?
Do you have to get to the airport but you don’t have your car available?
Choose our rental service with driver in Rome and forget all the problems that may arise during a trip. Elegant and modern cars and no surprise on the rates, which can be consulted on our site.
Our drivers will accompany you to the airport, in the historic center of Rome or out of town, guaranteeing accuracy and punctuality.

Our strength is our car fleet, with luxury vehicles and equipped with every comfort. We have advantageous and transparent rates for all your travels, you just have to decide your destination and our staff will find the best solution for your trip. Trust the exclusive Decus driver rental service and book with a click.
Request your car directly from the site, enter the date and number of passengers and in a few moments you can forward your booking.

With our business services you are guaranteed to arrive on time and relaxed at all your business appointments. Don’t postpone more important meetings and meetings just because you didn’t find a free taxi or the train you were waiting for arrived late. Save valuable time and use it only for important things.

From the Station Wagon to the Minivan, a car fleet tailored for you

With Decus you can select the car of your dreams, for an exclusive and safe transfer, just the way you want it. Within the site you can find different solutions based on your travel and space needs. Compact and elegant cars to reach the airport or Minivan 8 seats for travel with your family or friends.

Whatever your needs, with Decus you can find the solution that’s right for you. All our cars are subjected to strict controls and periodic revisions. Trust our drivers with many years of experience and enjoy your journey in comfort and relaxation. You can have a car at your disposal that will come to get you and take you to your destination within the set time frame.

Don’t be afraid of being late for meetings or losing that important meeting, don’t give up your weekends out of town to avoid taking the car. Save time on travel and earn more free time for the things you really love.

Here are the Decus rates for all your travels in Rome:

  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Sedan: € 30 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Station Wagon: € 35 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 7: € 40 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 8 + 1: € 45 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 7 Luxury: 50 € / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Luxury Sedan: 45 € / hour

Forget hours and hours of waiting at the bus stop, long queues to take a taxi or all the inconveniences caused by vehicle strikes. Choose Decus for all your commitments, because a journey does not start when you arrive at your destination, but when you leave. Rent a car with driver in Rome for all your transfers in and out of the city, Decus takes care of the traffic!