Have you decided to treat yourself to a day of shopping in the center of Rome, but are you already worried about traffic and parking? Don’t let these little unexpected things ruin your moments of relaxation, rent a car with a driver in Rome and discover the convenience of the Decus service.
Elegant and modern cars, equipped with all the comforts and driven by drivers with years of experience in the sector. Booking a car is very simple and takes little time, just select the car from the available models, choose the day and the number of passengers and you’re done.

Shopping in the center of Rome means spending pleasant moments, alone or in company, but the chaos of big cities can often ruin everything. The areas covered by ZTL often make travel difficult and block traffic, causing discontent and above all a lot of stress. Relying on public transport is not always the best choice, because delays and strikes are always around the corner. Choose the convenience of an exclusive service and entrust Decus with your shopping days. Minimize the time needed for your travels and dedicate only to the activities you had planned. Renting a car with driver to reach the center of Rome means first of all a guarantee of comfort and punctuality.

Choose the comfort of Decus cars for your moments of leisure

Our car rental service with driver in Rome is perfect for work commitments but also for leisure time.
When you have free time, it’s even more important not to waste time traveling.
In this way we can dedicate ourselves even more to the activities we love.

Looking for parking, waiting for public transport or queuing for a taxi can waste precious time and save it from our relax. Therefore, renting a car with driver is the best solution for your shopping.
You can choose the car you prefer, have a driver at your disposal who picks you up and takes you to your destination without the slightest effort. Dedicate yourself to your purchases in the center of Rome without the worry of not finding parking.

Here are the Decus rates for all your travels in the center of Rome:

  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Sedan: 30 € / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Station Wagon: € 35 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 7: € 40 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 8+1: € 45 / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 7 Luxury: 50 € / hour
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Luxury Sedan: € 45 / hour

Whether it’s a work or leisure time, sometimes a little unexpected is enough to ruin an entire day.
A trivial failure of our car, a delay in the metro or a taxi strike, it takes very little to throw off that day of shopping that we had planned for some time.

Choose Decus for your moments of relaxation, because a journey does not begin once you arrive at your destination, but from the start. Rent a car with driver in Rome for all your transfers in and out of the city.

Enjoy your shopping, Decus thinks about traffic!

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