Renting a car with a driver can have many advantages, especially in a big and chaotic city like Rome.
How many times have you had the need to move, for personal or work commitments, and have you arrived late for mistakes that didn’t depend on you?

It only takes a few minutes to miss a train connection or to arrive late at the bus stop. It only takes a few seconds to lose a taxi, and in an instant all our programs go awry. Renting a car with a driver allows you to avoid unforeseen events along the way and travel in total freedom according to your needs. It is true that by calling a taxi we can decide the day and time, but it is also true that we cannot have the guarantee that it will arrive on time, and above all we will never be 100% sure of finding a taxi available when we need it. Public transport is certainly cheap, but not always reliable due to the many strikes and delays.

With Decus you can have the guarantee of a driver at your service and for as long as you want. Travel aboard modern and luxurious cars, no longer risk putting off your commitments due to trivial unforeseen events. Experience the convenience of a car that comes to pick you up at home, you can finally travel without worries and without stress. All this because you won’t have to drive, let alone look for parking!

Car rental with driver in Rome

Decus allows you to freely choose the car you prefer for your transfers. Reach any destination with the guarantee of arriving relaxed and on time, traveling in elegant and refined cars choosing the most comfortable times for you. Choose the exclusive Decus service and amaze everyone by getting off an elegant Sedan or a super sports Station Wagon.

Choose the luxury of the Decus cars

If you have planned a trip with your family or friends, you can rent a comfortable and spacious Minivan, with all the comforts of the Decus service. Choose the car according to your needs and rent it online, it takes a few minutes to organize your transfer and you no longer have to think about train / bus or coach tickets.

The Decus car fleet offers you the following cars:

  • Car rental with driver with Sedan: € 35 / hour
  • Car rental with driver with station wagon: 40 € / hour
  • Car rental with driver with 7 seater Minivan: € 45 / hour
  • Car rental with driver with Minivan 8 + 1: 50 € / hour
  • Car rental with driver with 7-seat Luxury Minivan: € 55 / hour
  • Car rental with driver with Luxury Sedan: 50 € / hour

With Decus you no longer have to worry about any unexpected events because you will have a car with driver at your disposal that will take care of everything, respecting the set times.

Discover our exclusive car rental service with a driver and travel on luxury cars equipped with all comforts. We guarantee safety and punctuality during all your transfers, whether it is for work or leisure.

Rent your car and get on board, Decus takes care of the traffic!

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