There are many reasons that drive us to have to take the car for our journeys every day. An important meeting, a business trip, a day out with the family or a simple day of shopping at the outlet.
Despite the fact that the car certainly remains one of the most comfortable and fastest means of transport, unexpected events can always occur which risk upset the various commitments of the day.

The Decus car rental service with driver allows you to travel safely and with the certainty of arriving at your destination on time, without unforeseen events and above all without stress. Avoid long queues at taxi stops and don’t risk being left on foot due to a trivial strike. Give the right value to your time, whether it’s business or leisure, your time is precious and should be optimized for important things.
Spending half an hour waiting for a late train or waiting 20 minutes for a taxi means wasting precious time, while with Decus you can make significant savings both in terms of time and money.

Reach the historic center of Rome, the various Roman outlets and the places you want with our car rental service with driver in a short time.
The car fleet is able to meet all your needs, from work to leisure. Reaching the airport or leaving for a day in Naples will no longer be a problem. Forget the stress of traffic and the fear of not finding a parking space, rent a car with a driver in Rome and enjoy your time, whatever the occasion.

Discover the Decus rates for your transfers in and out of Rome

Visit the “service rates” section of our website and discover all the packages based on the type of car.
With Decus you give more value to your days, because you have the opportunity to save time on travel and dedicate yourself to your favorite activities. Organize your meetings and business meetings with a professional and punctual car rental service.

Here are the Decus rates for all your travels in and out of Rome:

  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Sedan: € 30 / hour (€ 35 if extra-urban)
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Station Wagon: € 35 / hour (€ 40 if extra-urban)
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 7: € 40 / hour (€ 45 if extra-urban)
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 8+1: € 45 / hour (€ 50 if extra-urban)
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Minivan 7 Luxury: € 50 / hour (€ 55 if extra-urban)
  • Car rental with driver in Rome with Luxury Sedan: € 45 / hour (€ 50 if extra-urban)

Whether it’s a work or leisure time, sometimes a little unexpected is enough to ruin an entire day.
A trivial failure of our car, a delay in the metro or a public transport strike, it takes little to blow up all the commitments that we had set in the agenda. And we all know how difficult it is to frame the various appointments of the day today.

Renting a car with a driver in Rome can have numerous advantages, including the enormous saving of time and money, without counting the possibility of traveling comfortably aboard exclusive and elegant cars.
You can choose the type of car that best suits your transfers: the compact and elegant station wagon is ideal for getting to the airport, if you have organized a Sunday at the outlet with your family or friends, the spacious 7-seater Minivan is the ideal solution. Just select the type of car, the number of passengers and the date of transfer, in a few seconds you can reserve your car.

Because a journey does not begin once you arrive at your destination, but from the start.
Rent a car with driver in Rome for all your transfers in and out of the city.

Enjoy the journey, Decus takes care of the traffic!

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