Ready for sales? Car rental with driver and enjoy your shopping without stress

The sales are about to begin, soon shops and malls will begin to fill up with people and tourists looking for business. Moments like these are an excellent excuse to spend some time with family or friends, but often the mere thought of having to get in the car makes all the desire to leave the house go away. Read More

Travel outside Rome? Enough traffic and stress, get on board and leave with Decus

The heat has finally arrived and with it also the desire to leave and spend a relaxing day or weekend away from the city, away from commitments and daily stress.
But traveling is not always synonymous with relaxation, on the contrary. Often starting means having to organize many things, not to mention the many unexpected events that can be encountered during the trip. Read More

Car Rental with Driver in Rome for your Events and Parties with Decus

Choose Decus for all your events, whether it’s for work or free time. Our drivers are at your complete disposal to accompany you along the streets of the Capital.
Prestigious events, weddings, ceremonies, but also events, fairs or parties of any kind. When you have to attend an event you are always taken by a thousand thoughts, you have to choose the dress to wear, the people who will come with us, the time of departure and many other things. If it is a ceremony, one must also think about the gift to be made. Read More