How many times have you ever had a busy day and could not do everything? Too many meeting, meetings, congresses and appointments, all on the same day and a few hours away from each other. Days like these often happen, especially if you are an entrepreneur and manage different businesses. Even for an employee it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all the commitments of the day.

Often then, a little inconvenience is enough to have to postpone everything, a car breakdown, a vehicle strike or the difficulty of finding a free taxi. And so our busy schedule turns into a lost day, and due to a trivial setback we are forced to cancel our work appointments.

Don’t risk having to postpone your business any longer, rent a car with Decus and you will have at your disposal for the whole day a driver who will accompany you through the streets of Rome. Even if you plan more appointments during the day, with Decus you can be guaranteed a luxurious and elegant car that takes you to your destination while you can relax on board.

Spend time traveling to your work, you can send e-mails, make your phone calls or simply relax on board our elegant and modern cars. Travel alone or with your colleagues, our car fleet includes different solutions, from the elegant Sedan to the comfortable and spacious 8-seater Minivan.

Car rental with driver in Rome for meetings, business events and meetings

Choose the convenience of the Decus service and rent a car with driver for all your work commitments. Why waste valuable travel time when you could use it to manage your business?

Why stress yourself because of the traffic when we already have a thousand commitments during the day? With Decus you can rent the car you want, from the Sedan to the Station Wagon, and travel comfortably in luxury cars. Don’t risk arriving late for your meetings or meetings with your staff.

Our drivers will choose the shortest route so that you can arrive on time at your destination.

Here are the Decus rates for your work transfers:

  • Car rental with driver with Sedan: € 35 / hour
  • Car rental with driver with station wagon: 40 € / hour
  • Car rental with driver with 7-seat minivan: € 45 / hour
  • Car rental with driver with Minivan 8 + 1: 50 € / hour
  • Car rental with driver with 7-seat Luxury Minivan: € 55 / hour
  • Car rental with driver with Luxury Sedan: 50 € / hour

With our service you can have a driver who will pick you up where you want, at home or in the hotel, and will take you to your destination with the utmost punctuality and confidentiality.

Decide on the day and time of your transfer, you can request your car online even if you need a personalized service. Choose our exclusive service and rent a car with driver for all your work commitments.

Choose Decus, get on board and get your business off the ground.

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