Cars Fleet

Every occasion wants its car

Decus Italia’s Vehicle Fleet

Decus Italia has only high quality cars, to ensure all passengers maximum safety and comfort during the journey.
We have chosen the best vehicles to offer a professional and reliable Rome car rental service, you just have to choose the car that’s right for you.


3 Passengers and 3 Bags

Station Wagon

3 Passengers and 5 Bags

Minivan 7

7 Passengers and 7 Bags

Minivan 8+1

8 Passengers and 8 Bags

Minivan Luxury

7 Passengers and 7 Bags

Luxury Sedan

3 Passengers and 3 Bags

Choose from a wide selection of cars ranging from luxury to classic, we have every type of car available to meet your needs.
We also take custom orders and will help you choose a specific service.

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